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Lack of Facilities in Kintore
Given that proposed developments are not going ahead anytime soon, the Community Council are very keen to find out what the community needs and how we can take these proposals forward and make them happen.

Over the next few months we will be reviewing/updating the Community Action Plan that was done in 2015. We will be looking for views from all the different groups within our community and also views from individuals. It is appreciated that this has been done before and nothing has come from it but to do nothing will not get us the facilities we so badly need and deserve.

All views will be collated in our action plan and presented to Aberdeenshire Council by our Councillors.

Kintore Fireworks Display
On behalf of the Community Council, Brian Johnstone and Kenny Thomson along with volunteers ran this event and what a fantastic success it was!! Brian, Kenny and the volunteers worked throughout the day prior to the event, during the event and clearing up afterwards.

The volunteers were made up of local people and local groups including the Bothie, the Boys Brigade, the Scouts, our local Rotary club and two members of the Inverurie Round Table. There was food, refreshments, light up toys and an incredible fireworks display, enjoyed by a larger than usual crowd.

The weather was also very kind. Local firms JG Ross and Travis Perkins supplied and delivered buns and lighting respectively, both of which were essential to the success of the event. We would therefore like to give a big thanks to all those involved, your hard work and kindness is very much appreciated.

School Safety
At a meeting, a few months ago, a local resident and the lolly pop lady highlighted safety issues outside Kintore School.

Since then we are happy to advise that new bright lights are now at our pedestrian crossing and the new signage re speed reduction to 20 mph is imminent. We are also hoping to have safety railing erected in the near future.

Kintore Station
This project is progressing with negotiations concluded for the 2nd area of land required for construction of the station. The council is in the process of commissioning art work and over the next few months expect to work with local schools and other established groups and possibly hold drop-in sessions.

Options for stand-alone elements will also be developed during the initial phase of work. In the meantime, the Council continues to work closely with Network Rail, Transport Scotland and Scotrail regarding the final stages of design.

Fountain in Kintore Square
Progress has been made with the contractor Robertson Granite and the various trades and the moulds for the stonemason to copy have been organised with a view to returning the fountain to its former glory.

Kintore Resilience Plan
This plan is currently in its final stages and soon the resilience group will be looking for Kintore residents to sign up under the plan so that we are prepared for any emergency. Further details on the plan and its process will be forthcoming.

Snow Warden Opportunity
Aberdeenshire Council want to actively support members of the local community who wish to offer their spare time to clear snow from publicly-adopted footways and footpaths. Groups of volunteers are invited to join the Snow Warden Scheme where they can assist with the clearing of snow within an area of their local community whether that be a footway/ footpath along a street, a cul-de-sac, several streets or a housing estate. T

here is an information pack available on the Aberdeenshire Council website which includes all the information for volunteers to collectively assist their community in a Snow Warden-capacity over the winter months. The season usually runs from 1st November until 31st March. However, voluntary snow-clearing may be required outwith this period.

Meetings of the Community Council are held on the third Tuesday of every month except during August and December. Everyone is welcome to come to our meetings and raise any issues/concerns.

Fiona Cooper
Kintore and District Community Council
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