MSP calls for investment to target Aberdeenshire broadband blackspots

North East Scotland MSP Mike Rumbles has called on the Scottish Government to target investment at areas of Aberdeenshire that are worst affected by low internet speeds.

This follows publication of a report, earlier this month, by Audit Scotland which shows that homes across Aberdeenshire suffer some of the slowest broadband connections in the country.

Slow broadband in Kintore

According to the report, Aberdeenshire have, on average, the third lowest internet speeds in Scotland. The report shows that 13% of homes are unable to access broadband at the UK Government’s minimum household speed of 10 Mbps.

Slow broadband continues to be a big issue in and around Kintore, particularly in rural locations just outside the town.

Think Broadband reveals that houses and businesses in:

  • Balbithan (AB51 0UQ) get downloads speeds of 3.8 Mbps
  • Cottown (AB51 0YY) get downloads speeds of 3.7 Mbps
  • Leylodge (AB51 0XY) get download speeds of 3.8 Mbps

“All these speeds are well under half the UK Government’s minimum household broadband speed,” points out Ken McEwen, vice chairman of Kintore and District Community Council.

“When the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme was launched with £157 million of public money, there were bold statements about it bringing superfast broadband to rural communities. As far as the rural areas around Kintore are concerned this was a hollow promise.

“We’ve seen no evidence that broadband speeds for households and businesses in Balbithan, Cottown and Leylodge have shown any improvement since the launch of the DSSB.”

“It cannot be acceptable in 2018 that people living just outside Aberdeenshire’s tenth largest town and just ten miles from Scotland’s third city, cannot access broadband of at least the UK Government household minimum 10 Mbps.”

Kintore and District Community Council chairperson Fiona Cooper, in her report on the council’s past year at this months AGM, mentioned poor broadband as one of the continuing issues facing the community council in the past year.

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