The safety of our children near Kintore Primary School

The safety of children going to and from Kintore Primary School has been an issue that caused concern at the last two Kintore and District Community Council meetings. See the post “Concerns for the safety of our children”.

Speeding concerns at Kintore School

Initial speed checks have been carried out in the vicinity of the school entrance. But, these checks were carried out during the school holidays when, it is likely, the 20mph signs were not activated. The speed of 4,146 vehicles was recorded.

The average speed of these vehicles was 28.5 mph and the 85th percentile speed was 32.4 mph. The 85th percentile figure is common in speed recording and it is defined as the speed below which 85 per cent of vehicles travel, when the road is free flowing.

While these speeds are not too concerning, given the 30mph speed limit in force at the time, further checks will need to be carried out when the 20 mph limit is in force.

At last night’s community council meeting Councillor Glen Reid reported that Aberdeenshire Council have carried out a survey on the installation of railings to direct pupils to the zebra crossing.

He also reported that new, more-visible flashing amber LED lights are on order for the zebra crossing and that they should be installed by the October holidays.

Action has also been taken to resolve the issues with the 20mph lights flashing at the wrong times, including evenings and weekends. As was stated at the previous meeting, this could result in people disregarding the lights on the assumption they were wrongly lit.

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