Aberdeenshire Council examine new recycling and rubbish collections

At the Kintore and District Community Council meeting this week Aberdeenshire councillors told the meeting that the council was consulting on a new waste strategy that could see considerable changes to the kerbside collections.

Surveys suggest that about half of what is currently put in the bin for landfill (the black lidded bin) is material that ought to be recycled.

There is also an issue with paper and cardboard becoming contaminated in the mixed recycling blue topped bin. The paper and cardboard would be better quality if it was kept separate from plastic bottles and tins.

You can read more about the proposals and give your preferences by going to the consultation document on the Aberdeenshire Council website at https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/media/23122/consultation-document-waste-consultation.pdf (PDF).

Click on the computer screen on the last page to go to complete the survey and give your opinions at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/C99WKXZ

One of the proposals is to:
  • Issue a third, smaller bin for landfill rubbish that cannot be recycled.
  • The blue top bin being for plastics and cans.
  • The black bin being repurposed for paper and cardboard.

To allow for the additional collection the bins would be picked up on a three week rota, rather than the current two week.
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