Broadband bid for Balbithan area

Residents in the Balbithan area of Kintore have submitted a bid to improve their broadband services.

The residents have joined forces to submit an application to Openreach for a Community Fibre Partnership to deliver superfast broadband to their homes.

Broadband bid for Balbithan

A spokesperson for the group of residents explained: “At the time the Scottish Government launched the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme, much was said about bringing superfast broadband to rural premises. We waited to see rolls of fibre cable being laid on the roads out of Kintore to deliver this promise.

“To say we were surprised to discover there were no plans to replace the old copper cables, is an understatement. Because anything more than 1,200 metres of copper cable saps all the speed benefit of fibre, our upgraded lines are no faster than the old exchange-only lines.

“Three years after superfast broadband arrived in Kintore – this year’s Kintore Broadband Survey showed that the DSSB had not achieved its promise of delivering superfast broadband to rural premises – at least not in the Kintore area. No-one in Balbithan reported being able to get the UK Government’s household minimum of 10Mb and some reported speeds as low as 500kbps.

“Good broadband is a necessity these days, not a luxury. So it’s essential that we find a way to bring our broadband up superfast standards.

“We hope that our Community Fibre Partnership application may achieve that goal and provide a model for other broadband blackspots around Kintore, like Leylodge and Cottown.”
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