Minutes of of Kintore & District Community Council meeting on February 19, 2019.


Held 7.00pm on 19th February, 2019 in Kintore Primary School

Fiona Cooper, Ken McEwen, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, John Thomson, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan, Sheila Gray. Members of the public: Dave Monaghan, Steve Wood, Astley Hastings, Lorna Anderson, Ms C Maltin, M Roberston, Shena Rattary, and John Morrison. Cllrs Martin Ford, Fergus Hood, Glen Reid and Neil Baillie PC Steve Middleton, PC James Stewart.

Jess Lumsden, Paul Davidson, Drew Cullinane and Cllr Dominic Lonchay.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Presentation to PC Steve Middleton after retiring from the Police after 30 years Service.
We would like to thank Steve for a fantastic job he has done for Kintore Community Council.

Police report

Community Policing Priorities
Antisocial behaviour, Violence and Disorder:

At 1915 hours on 19th January 2019, 3 youths were captured on CCTV vandalising an outside noticeboard at Kintore Primary School. The individuals have not been identified as yet and enquiry is on-going.

During the early hours of 27 January 2019, a 45 year old local male was assaulted whilst leaving a house party in McFadden Crescent Kintore. There is a named suspect from out with the local area and enquiries are ongoing.

On 29th January, a 17 year old male was charged with possession of cannabis having been found smoking it in a car parked on Carnie Road, Kintore.

On 12 February 2019, a 17 year old local youth was charged with assault of another youth whilst taking a taxi together home through Kintore.

Acquisitive Crime:

It should be noted that there have been no reported shoplifting during this period which is quite unusual. This is in part due to the fact that a number of individuals from out with the area were charged with in excess of 30 shoplifting towards the end of last month covering crimes in both the City and the Shire. These individuals were reported to the PF by officers from the Garioch Local Policing Team and a number were remanded. At this time vehicles were also taken possession of that were used to transport the individuals to the area to commit the crimes.

Road Safety and Road Crime:

On 11 February, a 22 year old male from Ellon was charged with drink driving, careless driving, failing to stop along with a number of other traffic offences on the Midmill to Cottown Road.

On 13 February 2019, a 30 year old male from Inverurie was charged with being unfit to drive due to drugs whilst driving on the A96 outside Kintore.

Community Engagement and Reassurance:

Please remember winter is not over yet and therefore remain prepared for any change later in the month.

James advised that he has received complaints regarding stagecoach Bus 37 parking in the restricted zone opposite station garage. His investigation is ongoing and he will report back at a future meeting.

Declaration of Interest

Fiona advised that at a recent Community Council training event, declaration of Interest was discussed. It is the duty of a community council member to act in the public interests at all times. This affects community council members when there is an item on the agenda whereby it could be construed that they have a personal interest. If in doubt, it is alway best to speak up prior to agenda item and then this can be dealt with as appropriate and recorded in the minutes.

Matters arising from the last minute

Planning Matters APP/2018/1223 24 flats - 4 blocks of flats on Forrest Road - This planning application was approved with a number of modifications.

Approval of the Minute of last meeting

Proposer John Thomson /Seconder Ken McEwen

Treasurers report

No Transactions since last month’s meeting, balance £10, 624.34.

Youth Report
Everything is going well.

Planning Matters

From Paul’s report, there appears to be no current planning applications which require discussion. Alterations to existing Railway bridge behind Dean’s Court was highlighted but as yet we have no information. Fiona to contact Stacey MacDonald, communications manager for Network Rail.

Kintore Station update
This will be carried on to March meeting as Stacey was unable to attend.

A96 Dualling
Ken advised ecological surveys on the Blue/violet route are currently being done. It appears that they are doing surveys 1 kilometre either side of the route. It is anticipated that Transport Scotland will decide on the route by the end of 2019. There is some political pressure to get the existing route back on the table. There was a Jacobs report in 2015 bridge on the existing bridge over the bypass could readily take a second carriage way with geotechnical moves required for the existing housing. However, this is now considered not possible and given the remit was no demolition, this is why the current route was discounted.

Cllr Baillie advised that any route which involves a flood plain like Kintore would have rigorous checks to ensure that it does not result in more flooding issues for the local residents. Once permission is received from SEPA, this will be passed onto Transport Scotland. However, at the Inverurie Flood study meeting last week, it became apparent that the data used by the modelling company was incomplete and inaccurate which added to the fact they were not using the up-to-date information in respect of climate change, is very alarming. A model is only good if the information used is correct and complete.

Cllr Hood advised that the monies used on roads by the Council is part of a finite budget whilst the Scottish Government once decided on a roads project can allocate as much monies as they wish bearing in mind that there will be less monies to other areas.

Cllr Ford advised that when planning new developments, a suds scheme is done whereby the status quo in respect of all aspects including flooding must remain the same prior to the development existing. He also highlighted the inconsistency in planning new developments whereby sometimes demotion is allowed and other times it is not as per remit for A96 Dualling. Aberdeenshire Council will be left with an additional roads costs in maintaining the old road with the likelihood of no increase in its roads budget from the Scottish government.

Given the Scottish government view on promoting public transport , reducing carbon emissions and sustaining existing farming and wildlife, this project appears to be in direct contrast.

Based on the discussions of the meeting, a letter detailing our concerns in respect of the A96 dualling from Kintore District Community Council to be done and approved at next meeting.

Kintore District Community Council elections will take place in June 2019.

Artwork workshops in respect of the new Kintore Railway Station took place on January 26th, 2019 at Kintore Church.

Celebration of Aberdeenshire’s year of young people legacy event will take place on 22nd February 2019 at Meldrum Academy 6-9pm.

Stagecoach Bluebird have uploaded their proposed timetables for public consultation on 15th April, 2019.
Local Development plan 2021 Main Issues Report - Drop in Event in Inverurie’s Town hall will be held on 14th March, 2019.

Aberdeenshire Council are currently making arrangements to hold their Annual networking event on Saturday 28th September and would like us to suggest topics to be covered on the day. Suggestions to be provided by 30th April, 2019.

Aberdeenshire Councillors update
Cllr Hood advised that the budget was passed on the 14th February and papers are available on the Aberdeenshire Council website. Total budget for 2019/20 is £565m and includes £299m on Education, £110m contribution NHS, £46m on Roads, landscaping and waste management etc, £41m on overheads such as IT, central office etc. Council tax increase has been kept to 3 per cent. Capital Plan of £114m was also passed and includes Kintore’s new railway station £11,821,000 and £11,750,000 on road surfaces etc. Council house rent will increase by 4.9 per cent on 1st April 2019. £14m will be spent in maintaining the upkeep of these properties and £120m will be invested over 4 years on Insulation.

Cllr Reid advised that their budget was broadly similar to that of the administration but had tried to keep some monies for young people given we just had the year of the young person, re-training of staff made redundant, lunch club trial, fund for maintaining teacher numbers and save some additional bus routes.

Cllr Ford advised that his budget was completed different to the above budgets. Council tax was put up by 4.3 per cent which meant an additional fund of 1.7m. There was no cuts to bus services, staffing levels in schools and an amount of £500,000 was allocated to social work. However, the budget did include a 17 per cent cut to roads effectively taking a 5 million maintenance holiday within the roads budget. The roads within Aberdeenshire are considered to be some of the best in Scotland and therefore this cut could be sustained. Roads can be repaired whilst reduction in staffing in Schools has a direct effect on children’s education and can never be put right.

Cllr Ford reiterated that the Council had to find cuts had to be found whatever budget was agreed. Cllr Hood confirmed that despite the cuts, the Council will still deliver a very good level of services throughout the Shire. The Roads manager provided information that the roads within the garioch area require £6.5 million spend to cover the road repairs outstanding. Cllr Ford stated that the current funding system does not allow the council to provide the services it is expected to provide.

Cllr Reid advised that Kintore along with Blackburn and Kemnay will be getting the summer garden waste scheme. To assist with recycling issues, within the summer months, once a week, garden waste will be collected from a central point in Kintore. Repairs to the Kintore Public Hall of £35,000 have been approved and should happen sooner rather than later.

Fountain will be finished by end of February and will operate from May to September 24hours a day. Cllr Reid suggested that the official opening should be May 25th, the day of the Kintore Summer Festival. Kintore Golf club held a members meeting with Network Rail who have grave concerns when the level crossing is closed for 13 weeks.

The network rail workers will be based in Inverurie and will therefore be able to access the golf club and the golf club will provide catering. In addition, Network rail will support costs in respect of signage for the golf club and help with PR. John Thomson raised the issue of emergency access being significantly delayed during these 13 weeks and proposed to have a defibrillator at the green keepers hut.

Green keepers are in radio contact at all times and could facilitate help during the 13 week road closure. Cllr Reid said he would look into this and report back. Cllr Reid confirmed he was still working on getting railings installed at Kintore Primary school but information from a recent traffic study needs to be looked at again and the relevant figures subtracted.

Kintore Action Report
Due to lack of time, it was agreed to put this on the agenda for the next meeting. Ken McEwen had produced a document which would be a good starting point. A short discussion highlighted the issues with engaging with the community to ascertain what facilities are required and indeed those which may be viable as oppose to a simple wish list.

Cllr Baillie advised that Inverurie held a Groupfest event which allowed local groups to network between themselves and showcase their group to the public. On-line surveys are a good source but a large part of the local population cannot access these, therefore multiple sources should be used.

A local resident advised that a pothole and sunken drain cover has yet to be repaired despite frequent visits/ phone calls to the council requesting the work to be done. The resident was advised to report this online using the council online service and contact Cllr Reid to follow up on her behalf.

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Minutes of meeting January 19, 2010

Unapproved Minutes

PRESENT: Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Members Ava Rennie ,Drew Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston and Councillors Cullinane, Ford and Hood, Constable Darren Cochrane, and community members Georgina Payne, Lesley Monaghan and Linda Paterson.

APOLOGIES: Christine Stamper.
Christine has made known of her wish to stand down as Secretary due to family commitments. Linda Paterson has agreed to take on the role for a trial period.

1. WELCOME: Kenny welcomed everyone to the Meeting.

Kenny introduced Mr.William Lippe along with Mr. Hamish McDonald who came to do a presentation on their application for 9 houses to be built on the site of Cottown Caravan Park which has been vacant for the past two years. A plan of the proposed development (Planning Application Number APP/2009/3771) was given to the Committee. Mr Lippe stated that the development is to consist of 3 and 4 bedroom houses. He also stated that 9 representations had been received and that all were in favour.

Graeme voiced a concern regarding the lack of amenities for families and also traffic issues regarding the volume and type of vehicles using the road going through the site. Mr Lippe explained that the road would only be used to access two private dwellings beyond the proposed site. He also explained that Planning Gain is to be the subject of discussion with the Council’s PG Officer.

It was noted that the development would be in the catchments area for Kemnay Academy and Kintore Primary.
The Committee decided not to object to the proposal.

2. MINUTES OF MEETING 17 NOVEMBER 2009: The Minutes were distributed


Donald Russell’s Boundary Fence: still ongoing.

Rail Halt: No Change

Flooding: Although Jim Stevenson had been spoken to no progress to report. Graham suggested automated signs for road closure to be put in place for flooding on the Hatton of Fintray road. Kenny to talk with Ian Rendall.

Bus Forum: Ann advised that next Forum meeting due shortly but that she hasn’t been advised of a definite date.

Wall outside the Hub/Signage: Graeme stated that money has been allocated.

Langstane Housing to appoint person to meet with Graham re the Midmill facility.

Wheelchair Access: No progress. Kenny to speak with Ian Rendall.

4 TREASURERS REPORT: Joan reported that the balance of KDCC Bank account is £1511.79. One cheque for £14.00 had been issued since the last meeting (paid to Ken McEwan for website fee). No other activity to report.


Police: Crime files raised since 18th November 2009 were:

Road Traffic 8 Theft 1 Breach of the Peace 4

Constable Cochrane stated that none of the Road Traffic Offences were for speeding which was most encouraging.

The four breach of the peace crimes were all of a minor nature.

The theft related to quad bikes being removed from a garage but were recovered at the scene.

Of significance and pleasing is the fact there were no complaints involving youth disorder, nor drugs related offences.

Kenny thanked Darren for his attendance in his ‘off duty’ time and Darren then left the meeting.

Action Kintore:.
Next meeting 20th January 2010. Kenny has written for donations and secured one donation for £10,000.00. Still awaiting response regarding another two. These amounts hopefully to be matched by Leader funding, which is managed by the Council.

Nothing to report, other than the ‘Planning Training’ session for Community Councillors, arranged for 12 January had to be cancelled due to the weather, but a rearranged date has been set for 26th January.

It was noted that the person who produces the Kintore Chronicle is giving up. There may be a replacement already identified and consideration is being given to the possibility of combining the Newsletter with the Chronicle

Kenny told the meeting that Crimestopper Correspondence had been received. It wasn’t however relevant to local issues. Previous local Crimestoppers information had been forwarded to the www.kintore.org.uk website.

Tennis Courts: It was decided that a notice be placed in the Inverurie Advertiser to gauge the interest for tennis in Kintore with the aim of forming a Tennis Club if sufficient numbers come forward. Kenny to progress this.

8. AOCB :
Dog Fouling: Georgina advised of the state of pavements in Kintore due to dog fouling and to the possibility of more dog litter bins being provided. However, it has already been stated by the Council that no more would be provided.

Grit Box: Cllr Cullinane urged for a grit box at Langstane Housing as the one previously sited there has disappeared . This had caused both motorists and pedestrians to endure very dangerous conditions during the recent bad weather. Kenny to write to Langstane.

Slip Road: Lesley commented on the lack of lighting when travelling on the slip road to Kintore after leaving the dual carriage-way and suggested reflective posts as a measure to overcome the problem. She was advised by both Cllr Hood and Cllr Cullinane that this matter is the responsibility of Bear Scotland. Kenny to discuss initially with Ian Rendall

Cllr Hood advised the meeting that Floodgates and Vent Covers can be purchased from the Council at a price of £215.00 for the floodgates and £30.00 for the Vent Covers.

There being no further business, Kenny thanked everyone who attended and closed the meeting at 8.10 pm.

The next meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 16th February 2010 in the Hub.

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