Minute of meeting for 15 March 2016

7.00pm on Tuesday 15th March 2016 in Kintore School
Approved Minute

Brian Johnstone, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Lesley Monaghan, Ken McEwen, Gloria Johnstone.
Councillors: Fergus Hood, Martin Ford, Nan Cullinane.

Brian Johnstone welcomed all to the meeting.


N0 presentations this month.

No police presence and no Police Report this month.

The Chairman needs to write to Constable Pirie and let him know this is concerning us, since a few meetings have been unattended and no reports coming through either prior to meetings or afterwards.

The minutes were approved by Kenny Thomson and seconded Sheila Gray.
Ken McEwen mentioned that he hadn’t received a notice on allotments to be put on the website.
This will be discussed in this month’s agenda.

Town Park, Pavilion and Cricket Pitch - No Further Update. Chairman to contact Cala.

East Kintore Development, Site for Sports and Community Hall - No further update.

Chairman has contacted with Doug Milne, who is waiting to hear from NHS Scotland to confirm their plans

Town House and Fountain - No further update. Completed report is very imminent.

KDCC Renewable Energy Project - No change

Kintore Arms - Looks still on schedule for 15' April. Discussion took place about the interior layout of the bar and lounge bar areas.

Kintore Action Plan - Need to start looking at the Action Plan to get some of the tasks moving and getting people interested in participating. All to have a look and bring ideas to the meeting next month.

Kintore Floods Update - At the request of the council to recommend the 3 highest priorities for flood protection, the Chairman and Kenny Thomson visited the three main flooded areas and potential solutions were discussed, including clearing of the flood gully behind Macallan Road, increasing the banking at Kingsfield Road and consideration of diverting the burn behind Northern Road. The landowner of the ground on the other side of the embankment was approached and was asked if would consider allowing diversion of the burn to the river side of the embankment to prevent the flooding in Northern Road. He confirmed he would consider this and if this was a potential solution, the council should speak with his land agent. Discussing the burn beside Station Garage and the blockages under the bridge, it was confirmed that it is the owners of the house at Bridge End that are responsible for maintaining the land for flood prevention, so they need to be contacted to do

Dave Barron was in touch regarding his properties on Northern Road being flooded and Cllr Hood advised he had visited the site and reviewed the flood issues.

Cllr Hood discussed the Council’s Report on flooding and intimated the areas requiring attention to safeguard flooding issues in the future. The next stage is to incorporate the report into a report to the Infrastructure Committee I Policy & Resources Committee and the officers will look at it first, and put to either of these committees. Budget will have to be allocated to fund the work required

Chairman to communicate with Network Rail to see if there can be any remedial work to the bridges could be combined to include flood prevention.

Kenny Thomson asked about the council's timescales for the work and to prioritise what happens first.

The Report was endorsed by area committee and will be considered fairly soon, perhaps in the next couple of months. Depends on the scale of issues.

Cllr Hood reiterated that grants are still available until end of March and this will be put on the website. £1000 Foundation Scotland Grant was discussed.

Kenny Thomson mentioned timescales and Cllr Ford stated that people must be somewhat prepared to maintain their properties having been flooded they need to be prepared.

Cllr Cullinane mentioned the meeting for Flood products was discussed and is happening this month.

Community Resilience Planning — To prepare a Kintore CRP, volunteers will be needed so a notice will be posted on Kintore.org, and will organise public meeting as soon as possible. Chairman will contact Colin Gray the Council Emergency Planning Officer to get his advice on the best process. At some point officers from the council and reps from other agencies will need to attend to help produce a sound plan for the future. There must be a template so that all towns can be doing the same thing. Chairman to speak with Doug Milne as he has started this already and we can pick up on the same thing. Area ofiice know what is going on and have begun this.

Annie Grant Community Health in Partnership officer can't make this month, so the talk is scheduled for April.

Joan Thomson gave her treasurer’s report, stating there is no movement this month. New KDCC Hewlett Packard Laptop has been purchased for £279 and MS Office Software. Ainslee Reid was in contact with the Treasurer and is going to start earlier and collect donations around the village.

New businesses are being approached by Ainslee this year and any volunteers to assist will be greatly appreciated —- for planting and helping out nearer the time.

Kenny Thomson reported that a Girls Group has now got 7 attendees. Leader money for Rachel's post is still in the pipeline. Advised by Leader to go for £80K for a three year plan. The 3 sculptures beside the Bothie have been restored and the grass underneath has been removed for a more sustainable grounding. Jim Cruickshank from Landscape Services visited the site and Sheila Waterhouse from Action Kintore — all resolved now. First Aid Defibrillator Training Course at the Bothie next week, and these training courses will happen every month till further notice.

Funding from the football clubs all going well.

Call from P&J and Kenny about planning application for “Elmer” site at Midmill.- nothing contentious. Cllr Hood reported that the application was passed that day, with some conditions on use of forklifts and noise levels were to be monitored. Cladding will be dark grey
and not mauve. As part Upgrade work to be carried out at Broomhill roundabout and roundabout at Sandy Thain’s along with an upgrade to the Kemany Road junction where traffic lights are being considered.

w/c 15.2 Nothing listed
w/c 22.2 Only Flat on Forest Road
w/c 29.2 House modifications on School Road
40 seat Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway at Midmill

Chairman confirmed, as discussed, wrote to Planning Department objecting to the Thainstone site development application. Overall we were happy to see improvement to the land but not to the detriment of the landscape of Bennachie. Area identified as SR2 was in the 2016 draft
LDP — first part legitimate, other part SR2 not included, so we were not satisfied completely and this should ultimately be presented to the Area Committee for decision. Cllr Ford mentioned that the comments were noted.

2 people have expressed an interest in having an allotment, the council advised that it needed 6 to make it viable. Now to be posted on Kintore.org.to promote interest.

Network Rail notice of meeting being issued to advise proposed works. Meeting on 29"‘ March in the church. Notice of the next stage of works.

Nominations for Kintore Resident of the Year run by the Rotary. Elizabeth Lovie was mentioned. Chairman nominated Kenny Thomson for his stalwart contributions and dedication to the flooding issues, but cannot accept as he is a member of the Rotary Club.

Elizabeth is a Iinchpin in the community and was always there. Took over the running of the Summer Festival. Chairman to canvas opinions on her activities and nominate her.

Public Hall Meeting AGM — Kenny Thomson attended and nothing significant to report, other than new meters and electrics had been installed. Sound proofing panels was also installed to reduce noise transmittal outside the hall.

Notice of Local Development Plan, now at “examination” stage with Scottish Office. This will take around 3 months for Council to adopt. Expect something by August this year. Reporter will review what is in the plan, considering any comments and or objections to the plan. On
our questioning the approval to include Gateway Kintore, we were advised that there may be objections to this plan, so we will have to wait and see if its inclusion is approved in the LDP.

Also advising plans of review of strategy for Forest & Woodland, Public Consultation on Special Landscape Areas & payments from developers in Lieu of Affordable housing contributions.

Cllr Ford reported on the completion of the scheme of establishments. New establishment scheme did not have a mechanism for dealing with some matters and the decision was taken to withdraw the proposal at the moment for further development. Cllr Hood reported on Council Budgets - street lights being fitted with LED lights. Much cheaper to run and the energy savings are enormous as reported by Cllr Ford. Road maintenance budgets was discussed - Kingsfield Road are to be applied with slurry seals (black tar) on the pavements. This is a cost effective mechanism to significantly prolonging the condition of the pavements.

Sheila Gray reported that some of the lights might need to be re-adjusted as it is too bright- Chairman to report this.

Cllr Ford reported on cycle path from Kintore to the Industrial Estate was discussed and were advised this will be delayed until 2017.

Kenny Thomson asked about the replacement of bus shelters. Cllr Ford reported some shelters have been allocated to be replaced as there is corrosion etc. A block of money has been made available for this at the moment.

Summer Festival, only 2 meetings after this, what are we going to do this year. Splat the Pirate for adults and juniors was agreed a good idea. Need volunteers to be “Mini and Major Pirates” for the duration of the day. Chairman also suggested donkey rides, but sourcing donkeys, may be an issue l All were asked to consider activities for next meeting.

Sheila and Ann attended the Bus Forum meeting which was on 14"‘ March and gave pertinent details relating to the comments discussed. Bus Stop road markings to be improved, mods to shelters to reduce rain ingress and the Buchan Express buses were causing concern for young mums with buggies and for the elderly as the steps upstairs were deemed to be fairly steep. There are just 3 seats behind the driver and the upstairs are quite steep and the space between the steps are quite high. They must be DDA compliant otherwise they could not be used. Also it was reported that Stagecoach double decker buses are not suitable for child push-chairs and wheelchairs. The frequency of these buses to be addressed.I

Lesley mentioned the "30" mph flashing light at Sainsbury's is turned the wrong way. Chairman to report this. On East Park Ftoad a bollard has been knocked into.

Car park at the new Sainsbury’s seems to be used as a park and ride as there are never parking spaces. It will be up to the site owners I tenants to consider a sign saying for customers only. Making the car park one-way was another suggestion. Chairman to approach Sainsbury's to do something about it. This could cause further problems for the applied for new Chinese restaurant with seating for 40 people.

Sheila Gray asked for the Cllr’s help in resolving a land ownership record issue with the council for their planned extension to the Bowling Club.

Kintore Konnect Latest edition has more ads, with Thainstone House Hotel opting for a colour half page which was very encouraging. Hopefully others in the town will contribute in due course.

The KDCC was given a commemorative medal for the Queen's 90"‘ birthday.

Date of next Meeting - 15*“ April 2016
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